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Mandelic Peels for Skin Brightening

The Mandelic peel, ‘Skin Brightening’ procedure will smooth and soften the skin, diminish fine lines, decrease blemish outbreaks, even out coloration and will lighten hyper pigmented areas.

What is a Mandelic Peel?

For thousands of years, we have been using a range of substances from sour milk used by Cleopatra and fermented grape to improve complexions. Today there are lots different acids used in different strengths and combinations to improve skin problems. Peels are used to improve the appearance of sun-damaged skin, blemishes, acne scarring, wrinkles, rosacea, and pigmentation problems. There are three types of peel strengths which are used during the course of your treatments.

How does it work?

Preparing for the treatment

Before you start the treatment you will have to carry out a full consultation with the Aesthetic Practitioner in which a full diagnosis of your skin concerns will be made.

The practitioner will then go through a full medical history to assess your suitability, benefits and potential side effects are discussed.

After your consultation you will then be advised on what home care products would be recommended together with clinical treatments.

The Skin Brightening treatments are delivered in a course of 6 sessions carried out once every two weeks. Initially you will start of with a light strength of peel which is then increased during the course of your treatments to achieve the desired results.

Procedure for treatments

Within the treatment the face is cleansed and peel applied and left up to about ten minutes. A Very mild stinging sensation may occur while the peel is on, after which the peel is then washed off and neutralized then a moisturizer is applied. A sun block should also be used to prevent any further pigmentation from re-occurring.

After your treatment you would be advised to follow a home care routine which will include a herbal mask which would be applied twice a week.

What results should I expect?

After your third treatment you will notice your skin to be a light lighter and brighter. If you have dark patches or uneven skin you will find your skin will look allot more even toned and fresh.

In addition to the lightening effect you will also find you’re if you have acne, open pores, wrinkles or photo damage this will greatly improve also.

Please note results do vary from individuals; however your practitioner will be able to discuss your expected results in greater details.

What other conditions can be treated?

With variations of different peels we can treat the following conditions:-

  • Melasma – patchy or generalised dark pigmentation of the skin
  • It improves the signs of photo-aging and photo-damage of the skin
  • It regulates sebaceous secretion especially in mixed and greasy skins
  • It reduces pore size and can prevent spots from appearing
  • Will help to brighten and lighten the skin to give that youthful glow
  • Reduces scars and un even skin tone
  • Reduces acne

After the treatment

  • The mandelic peel is a very safe procedure however some common side effects should be anticipated.
  • Skin tightness. For a day or two after the peel the skin may feel tight and may look very slightly swollen.
  • Skin redness. The degree of redness will depend on your natural skin colouring and sensitivity to the treatment.
  • Skin Flaking/Peeling. During the first week after the. The degree of skin exfoliation is highly variable and therefore some patients
  • To arrange an appointment for consultation please contact the office or to start the home care click on the link on the right and place your online purchase.


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